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Well hello there!

                        We see that you are still reading our newsletters! We guess that's a good sign on our part that we're doing something right at least! We're happy that we haven't bored you yet with everything ;)

              This week has been crazy when it comes to the weather. At the start of this week it nice and cool but now that the weekend is coming, the heat is coming back faster and faster :(  Luckily our AC still works and has been keeping us all nice and cool despite the ever changing tricks that the weather plays on all of us to keep us guessing and just the tad bit miserable. Luckily for us crafty people we all work with fabric and that's definitely an inside thing so we don't have to be out in the heat!

              On Tuesday, a rep from "In the Beginning" came and showed us all the beautiful fabrics that they have to offer. It was so much fun to be able to see all the different designs that each fabric goes into and what new things are going to be coming out! We decided that we better get some new fabric. Something different that hopefully you would like because it's SOOO different from the everyday fabric/panel that you get. We decided to go with the fabric line "Dragons - Blue Fury". We got two of the many companion fabrics that go with it. The first one that we got is the dragon scales. The dragon scales really stood out to us first among all the other companion fabrics. The way that they shimmer is really amazing! The second companion fabric that we got is a border fabric. It has a Celtic design to it that blends into the panel very well. We will be getting this fabric line in just a few short months! So keep an eye out for them on our website or even on our Facebook page "Shearwood Crossing"!

                                                                   BLUE FURY


                  Yesterday we got in some more 100% cotton Supreme Solids from choice. We got three different colors: Black, Charcoal and Moonlit Ocean. We got about 80 yards of the black in so we for sure have plenty of that to go around! We know that many people needed plain good ole' black to keep on making face masks for the essential workers that couldn't have any designs or fun colors.

                  BLACK (of course :)                                                    CHARCOAL                                                  MOONLIT OCEAN


To buy the black----->

To buy the charcoal----->

To buy the moonlit ocean--->

              We've been hearing that many other fabric hot spots are completely out of 100% Cotton fabrics! We just wanted to make sure and let everyone know that we don't have that problem here! We have THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of yards of every kind of 100% Cotton fabrics. We even have a couple bolts of flannel (definitely not as much as the 100% Cotton). We carry the big name brands like Northcott, Quilting Treasures, Robert Kaufman, Windham, P&B, Choice, Hoffman and a few others! 
              Earlier this week we sent out a newsletter letting you know about the deals that are going on this month. We've got FREE SHIPPING online and 15% off the entire store (except items already on sale and all the quilts)! These two great deals last this ENTIRE month! You can go online at "" or come visit us at "204 S. Broadway Jamesport, Mo 64648". We send out ALL online orders the same day that we get them and they usually only take 2-4 days to get to you depending on where you live! So order your fabric or come on in to see us now!!!

        Attached above are pictures of a lot of our fabrics that we have in stock right now. We have sooo many more fabrics that are still coming that are 100% Cotton! So let all of your friends and family know that we are stocked and ready!

         We hope that everyone has had a great week! Stay motivated and complete your projects! We know you can do it!!!

                    SEW ON!!!

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