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              FREE SHIPPING $75+/$5.99 Flat Rate-In U.S.


Good Morning!!!

          We hope that everyone had an amazing weekend! We said that we were going to have some really cool, amazing, super awesome and most crazy deals this month and we most certainly are going to do just that!
          The first crazy deal is called "Shipping Frenzy". There's a really good reason that the word "Frenzy" is used with the word "Shipping". The reason behind our craziness is, we are offering FREE shipping for the WHOLE month of August!
           We know, we know, you think that's just absolutely and totally awesome! We wanted to do something for our amazing customers and friends to help put a smile on your face during these crazy times.


          But that's not all that we are doing this month for you! We KNOW that you are awesome and love great deals. So, we have got one more thing that will make your month!
          We are running an "End of Summer Special" ALL the way through the WHOLE month of August! This deal is an IN-STORE ONLY deal that gives you 15% off your entire order when you come on in! 
         Things can't get much better then this! There are amazing deals online and there are crazy deals in-store! 

      We very much appreciate everyone's business this year during these crazy times and for the years to come!We hope that everyone has an amazing week. Keep a smile on your face, do good deed(s) to put a smile on other people's faces as well! 


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