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Christmas in August!!!

Good Afternoon,

           Well, we're going to live up to our promise that we made in the last newsletter and keep you updated with what's going on in and around the Jamesport, Missouri area!
           So, if you didn't hear about the promise that we made in our newsletter last month or didn't even get our newsletter last month and would like to get it, just send us an email back at "" and we will get one to you that same day!

          We've got some very exciting news for you! We've got word that Vickie and Verna are opening up their quilt and crafts shop right across the road from us! So we are very exited for them and wish them huge success!!!

          We mentioned a bit in the last newsletter about the quilt auction that will be taking place Ocotober 10! We are very excited to be able to see all the beautiful and stunning quilts that people have thought of and made.

          Jamesport's "Step Back In Time" "Heritage Days" will be held Friday, September 25 through Saturday, September 26! There will be craft shows, retail markets, delicious kettle corn, fall decor, amazing food, many many antiques and a flea market! On the 26th there will be a car, truck, bike & tractor show. If you would like to enter your vehicle into it, it's $15. On that Saturday ONLY there will be lost arts demonstrations, horse drawn carriage rides, apple butter making, pressed cider, bounce houses and live music for all!!! Be sure to come so you don't miss out on all the fun activities! Bring your friends and family!

          This week has cooled down a lot here in Jamesport. It rained all day on the 29th which felt amazing! It's been so hot out lately and being able to have it rain just for one day made this week so much better :)   
          We've been getting more and more quilting done with our new computerized quilting machine (only a penny and a half a square inch!). The quilts have been turning out quite amazing! You'll have to come by sometime and see for yourself! 

           Talking about cooling down, we've got in some new Christmas panels and companion fabrics that are just absolutely stunning and a must have! Yeah, we know, it's not Christmas yet or even August like the subject to the newsletter is trying to lead you to believe but we just couldn't help ourselves :)   First on the list is the "Christmas Wish" panel and it's companion fabric! This panel has already been sold completely out from our wholesalers so if you don't get it now you're going to have a hard time finding it the closer Christmas does come around! Our other panel and companion fabric that we got in is "O Holy Night". This panel and fabric has a beautiful stained glass look to it that makes it sooo much better and lifts the mood whenever you look at it!
       Christmas Wish                                                       O Holy Night

O Holy Night---->

Christmas Wish---->

        Coming up next week we will have some fun surprises for the WHOLE month of August!!! So stay tuned to our newsletter and Facebook page "Shearwood Crossing" for the many surprises to come! 

         We appreciate you and your bussiness!!!


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