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We owe all of our friends an apology!

We sincerely apologize for not including some of this information in our last email or on the main site! 

 Since we first learned, through social media, of the efforts being made to provide much needed masks to healthcare professionals and others, it has only been our desire to help those most at risk. We, like so many others, got right to work!  We bought the necessary supplies, put together bundles of cut material, and started sewing masks right here in our store. We wish to thank all of those that have come in, to gather material to help make masks and donate them to our local hospitals and nursing homes. The efforts continue in that endeavor and we have expanded the project to include local law enforcement and others on the front line of this crisis. If anyone wishes to join the volunteer effort, we will continue to provide the necessary pre-cut materials for making masks. 

Many of you may have received our latest announcement detailing the listing of masks and mask kits for sale on our site. It was brought to our attention that this might have left some folks with the impression that we were attempting to profit from the Pandemic. We wish to assure you all, that this is not the case, nothing could have been further from our minds at the time! We write to you all, not to draw attention to our efforts or in seeking praise for our good deeds, but to address any concern that may have been raised by our listing of these items for sale on our site. With that said; we would also like to take this time to clarify our thoughts on why we chose to sell these items critically needed on the front line. Our motivation in making these items available for sale to the general public is three-fold;
1. Selling masks and materials affords us the ability to continue to have the necessary supplies on hand to support the volunteers and staff in making          masks for those that need them most.
2. Selling masks allows those without the tools or necessary skills to contribute to the effort.
3. It is our hope that as result of the sale of masks and kits that we can give some our crafting friends and loyal customers a way to work from home! We are very excited about this last one! Many of you may have friends or family that are out of work due to the Pandemic, we too have friends and family that are impacted by the orders to stay home! It is our desire to pay it forward, as best we can! We will update the web site and each of the listings to further clarify the purpose of offering these items for sale. Furthermore, we are happy to create a cadence of accountability to our friends and loyal customers, by posting the results of the effort in terms of masks/kits sold and masks/kits donated, so that it can be made clear what is done with the revenues generated from these sales. 

Our deepest gratitude to all of our friends, loyal customers, and to all of the wonderful and truly amazing people who are working tirelessly to provide help to their communities in this time of desperate need.

We pray that this message finds you all safe and well. 
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