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   Welcome to Shearwood Quilts, & Fabrics, (our little corner of the World)  We (Joe & Ada) enjoy our little collection of Fabrics, a unique variety of Basics, Collections, Panels, Wide Backs, and some harder to find like Naturescapes, & Food Items.... 
   It all started with us making and Designing Custom Quilts for our Customers, and could never find enough Basics to fill in those hard to match areas, we knew what we wanted but couldn't find it locally, so in 2011 we decided to start our own Collection of Fabric and share it with everyone, so that's how our Retail Fabric Business started.

   As of Dec. 2018 our online journey is just beginning and we invite you to come along side us for the ride, (sign up for our News Letter) we have a exciting journey plan for 2019 and beyond. Some of our goals are to have a large selection of Basics, Wide Backs, Panels, & hard to find items, also want to do Free online demos, classes, and start to share some of our own patterns and ideas. We will also offer Custom Hand Quilting for those of you who would Love to have your Master pieces Hand Quilted...

   We Celebrated our 16th Wedding Anniversary in 2018, and are Blessed parents to 4 Lovely children, Rachel, Emily, Rosalyn, and Isaiah. Stay in touch with us, feel free to give us a call, or email us. Also be sure to sign up for our News Letter, we won't flood your inbox, just a couple through out the year to let you know what we're doing and what our new Freebies are..... Follow & Like us on Face Book (Click Here)  

We Promise prompt service, if the items you ordered are in-stock and not shipped out the next Business Day we will sent you a $20.00 Gift Card for Free... (Our commitment to our customers)

                                                                            Love & Blessings, Happy Sewing,  Joe & Ada Burkholder